Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga is a philosophy of life, which also has the potential to create a vibrantly healthy body and mind. Practised in its correct sequential order, Astanga yoga gradually leads the practitioner to rediscover his or her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness: physical, psychological and spiritual. By maintaining this discipline with regularity and devotion, one acquires steadiness of body and mind.


Mysore style self practice is the traditional method of learning Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K pattabhi jois. Unlike a ‘regular’ yoga class, in the Mysore class, students work at their own pace with assistance and adjustment from the teacher when necessary – almost like a private lesson in a class situation. The Astanga series are learnt and committed to memory posture by posture, with new postures being added by the teacher as and when the student is ready, so that most of the time the student works without being ‘led’ by a teacher. Self-practice classes, therefore, always have students of mixed abilities working side by side and complete beginners are always welcome.

Each posture is a preparation for the next, developing the strength and balance required to move further into the practice. The emphasis is on the sequencing and linking of the breath and movement which helps to develop concentration, heat, flexibility and strength.



On your first few days, it’s best to arrive at 6:30am or 9.30am.

After unrolling your mat, we’ll talk you through any physical issues or injuries and begin by teaching you the first set of poses. We’ll move you along at your own pace, and methodically build on the previous day’s work. Over time, the goal is for you to develop an independent practice that you can even do by yourself at home.

You can expect to practice for 20-25 minutes on your first day, with sessions increasing up to 1.5 hours as you progress. We recommend students practice at least three times per week.

Please email the teacher if you have any questions before coming to class:


Mysore Timings

Doors open 5.45. Opening prayer at 7am. First shift finishes at 9am

Second Shift:  Opening prayer 9.30am class finishes at 11:00am
For the second shift, you are welcome to begin your practice before 9.30 am, but there will not be a teacher in the room between 9 and 9.30am

In accordance with tradition, Ashtanga Yoga is not practiced on Full or New moon days


Led class

There is a traditional sanskrit counted Primary Series led class held twice per month at Senopati Suites (tower 2). This class is for those who already know the practice.




Jordan has been dedicated to the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga since early 2010, when he discovered the practice whilst living in London. He has since studied under the daily guidance of certified teachers Eileen Hall in Sydney, and Hamish Hendry in London. He has travelled annually to study with his teacher Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI in Mysore, India since 2010.


In February 2015, Jordan received the blessing from Sharath to teach, granting him Level 2 Authorisation. He began assisting Brett Porzio in London in 2014, and has since taught in Stockholm, Munich, Antwerp, Sydney, Tel Aviv, NYC, Guatemala and Majorca. When he is not travelling, he can be found holding down the Mysore program at Soulbox, Jakarta.


Jordan is a seeker of the mystery beyond the body. He experiences the practice as  deep mind/body therapy, a devotional offering and a roadmap for living. Through his honest, practical experience, Jordan teaches in the clear tradition of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.


Shala etiquette

  • Please turn your phone off or to silent and try not to be tempted to look at it during your practice

  • New postures are given when determined by the teacher. Please don’t ask.

  • Please inform the teacher of any injuries, operations or pregnancy.

  • During menstruation, please take the first 3 days off practice as rest days.

  • Practice during the first trimester of pregnancy is not advised.

  • Please keep any warm-up to a minimum

  • Please don’t drink water during class unless pregnant

  • Do not eat a meal for 2-3 hours before attending class