Soul Barre is a new & soulful approach to Barre Fitness.  Improve fluidity, strength, and stability through experiencing a deeply focused, wild, and free versatile approach to bio-mechanics using the horizontal ballet bar as an apparatus.  Moving deep and strongly from the inside out will leave you more focused to function from the space of how you good you feel, rather than how you look- yet through working with integrity, the more you give and focus is the more you will be chiseled and lengthened.  You can bring your tutu if that's you thing, but no shoes-  our bare feet ground us while our collective flow and sweat elevate us working together as a supportive, soulful group where anything goes and your soul shines!

SoulBarre Basic

SoulBarre Basic encompasses the dynamics of isolation, articulations, strength building, ballet bar strengthening, and flexibility. Focus on the integrity and versatility of bio-mechanics for a more effective and soulful approach to Barre Fitness, all while becoming more chiseled, lengthened, and exhilarated.

SoulBarre Hot

SoulBarre Hot incorporates elements of floor barre techniques, isolating core work, body-weight strength building, ballet bar flexibility, and floor flexibility. This Barre Fitness class is experienced in a warm to hot room to increase depth of alignment awareness for greater soulful movement execution and injury prevention.

SoulBarre Cardio

SoulBarre Cardio is a high intensity aerobic based Barre Fitness class designed to warm you up and maintain focus on alignment through effective reps. Power through exercises targeting arm toning, back sculpting, and core conditioning moving on and off the Barre for a heart pumping, sweaty, soul shining experience.