New Programs by Kimberly McFerron from Equinox, New York

The wait is over! Kimberly McFerron from Equinox, New York is here. Experience her signature class : BCB, BCBPower and PhysioConditioning.

Barre Cardio Bootcamp. An intermediate fusion class inspired by Barre and Pilates with a more intensified spin. Muscle isolations, isometric movements and postural stability all contribute to this dynamic 60-minute fat blasting, body trimming class. Build muscle and improve flexibility while lengthening your body and slimming down. 


The next level of BCB. More work at the barre, more cardio, more sweat, plus an added infusion of high intensity training. This advanced class uses the same heat-building elements of BCB while building on more full range movements at the barre and more bodyweight exercises on the mat. Designed to push your abilities to the max, elevate your heart rate and strengthen your physical power using only the weight of your own body. 


This barefoot performance-enhancing class is designed around postural reconstruction and an intense, physically therapeutic approach to fitness. Correct your alignment while strengthening from the inside out using 360 degrees of motion. A high-intensity, low-impact class to elevate the use of your body both in daily movement as well as other modalities of exercise. Get ready to sweat, shake, detoxify, strengthen, stabilize and reconstruct your body for physical longevity.

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