Dance at SOULBOX


Zumba is latin inspired dance fitness which basically have 4 basic steps , merengue, cumbia, salsa & reggaeton. Every single songs use that each basic steps. We do aspect fitness like squats, lunges, and the other of plyometric movement. 

The key to do zumba is, just enjoy it and have fun! Go with the flow by enjoying the songs. No need to worry about anything, just move and dance

We do zumba average in 1-1,5 hours. we guarantee, its full of sweat and fun. That's our ingredients in zumba class. Come join us & make a healthy lifestyle is your happiness



What is JAZZ FUNK style?? Here's a bit of Jazz Funk history for you. Nope, the dance style has nothing to do with the sub genre of jazz music. Nor does it have much to do with pirouettes or arabesques. This commercial dance style derives from Hip Hop.

So if you love pop music and all the sexy and cool moves by your favorite artists and songs.



Hip Hop Cardio is a fun dance cardio workout. Designed for those who are health enthusiast and want to workout in a fun environment. This class consist of a simple cardio moves combined with Hip Hop Dance and Music. You will burn minimum 500 calories for one hour. Students/Members will be able to follow basic Hip Hop moves from this class. Burn the fat and have fun !