Transform Yourself

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Rio Pasaribu

(Male, 27 years old) Exercise: Reflex, Bootcamp, HIIT, MuayThai

In over a year , Rio succeded in reducing body fat into muscle mass. His posture has changed  to a more leaner physique without losing body weight.

He loves cardio class! “Soulbox has brought so many things in my life and has stepped up my level of discipline and commitment, I learnt that nothing good comes easy, but it’s worth it!

“Soulbox brings you many opportunities and develop new friendships.

Rio has reduced from 79,8 kilos into his ideal weight i.e 75 kilos

Lost body fat from 18,2 kg to 13,4 kg

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Housewive, Mother of 3, Age: 37
Exercise Reflex and MuayThai

Over a Year Ila has reduced her excess weight from her 3 previous pregnancies (lost the most difficult 5 kilos) she is now 50 kilos

She loves Muaythai so much and  practices in soulbox everyday on a regular day basis.

“I Am Healthier than I ever was in my life” 



She lost the most incredible 13 kilos during her workout and diet routine in soulbox

“ I have never been a petite girl” 

Bianca took our Soulbox 30 day challenge in September 2015 and took our private classes, she loves her new routine and trains in soulbox regularly to achieves her goals

 She also maintains her diet. but exclaims “well sometime I do cheat ”