What Is Mysore?

In Mysore Class, the student is taught a sequence of postures through one-on-one instruction. The correct movements, breathing, and other aspects of the practice are learned gradually, in a step-by-step process accessible to anyone. This method allows each student time to practice and memorize what they have learned before adding more. Students are able to practice independently and at their own pace. Students also have flexibility in terms of time to practice as the students are welcome to come at anytime between 6-9am (Monday to Friday) and 6-8.30pm (Monday and Wednesday).

Your first Mysore practice may only be 20 to 45 minutes long. It is important not to learn too much in the beginning as this method relies on memorization and becoming proficient in what has been taught before progressing further. 

Ideally, practicing five to six days per week is recommended. If possible, your practice should be at the same time every day. 

Each week on Saturdays a Led class is taught at SoulBox in place of the regular Mysore style practice. Led class shows students the breathing during practice, when to inhale and when to exhale as we enter into and out of each posture. 

Some of the Benefits of a Mysore Practice:

  • You can show up when it suits you. You don’t need to worry about rushing from work or home to get to class on time anymore.
  • You can develop your meditation practice by following your own breath: Ashtanga is intended to be a moving meditation. 
  • You get individual attention. In any type of yoga, we come across poses or aspects of the practice that are difficult and challenging. In Mysore style you have the chance to work one-on-one with a trained teacher. Most people feel this individual attention helps their practice soar.
  • Mysore class is for everyone. With everyone in the room doing their own practice, in accordance with their levels and condition.