Pilates at SOULBOX

BarreWork Wednesday 6.15-7.15pm
MatWork Saturday 9.15-10.15am. 

BarreWork is a combination of Barre and Floor exercises for your lower and upper body. This class is designed for you to work on your own body strength and focusing on body alignment. Get groovy on this fun Barre Class

MatWork class will help you to develop optimal posture, core strength, increase upper and lower body biomechanics awareness, strength, and of course flexibility. 

Each class is designed to challenge you to the next level while providing a safe movement experience.

Shape your shoulders and tone your torso with FLETCHER TOWELWORK® with Maya Kono

Don't forget to Reserve your Spot for this Saturday 2 April 2026, 9.15-10.15am
(Max.12 participants)

Fletcher Towelwork® is a signature Fletcher Pilates technique, developed over the course of 4 decades. Originally created to stabilize and balance the shoulder girdle. Fletcher Towelwork® is versatile and can be adapted to standing, seated, supine and prone positions. 

Primary Benefits of Fletcher Towelwork®

1 Enhance stabilization of shoulder girdle;
2 Increase expansion of the chest and length of anterior shoulder muscles;
3 Correct forward head posture;
4 Increase range of motion in the thoracic and cervical spine;
5 Prepare the shoulder girdle for weight bearing activity.

Ashtanga with Jordan Turner & Brett Porzio

Welcoming Jordan Turner & Brett Porzio to lead Ashtanga at SOULBOX

Jordan has been dedicated to the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga since 2010, when he discovered the practice whilst living in London. Since then he has studied under the guidance of Eileen Hall in Sydney, Australia, and Hamish Hendry in London. He travels annually to study with his teacher Sharath Jois at the Shri. K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India.

Jordan is a seeker of the mystery beyond the body. He believes in the practice as a deep therapy, which has enabled him surrender to something greater, bring him guidance and serve as a roadmap for living.

In 2015, Jordan received the blessing from Sharath to teach, granting him Level 2 authorization. Through his honest, practical experience, Jordan teaches in the clear tradition of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, travelling and teaching internationally with his partner Brett Porzio.

Brett Porzio is a devoted student of the Ashtanga Yoga method which he learned under the instruction of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois in Mysore, India, and Eddie Stern in his home town of New York.

Brett began practicing Ashtanga in 2000, returning to Mysore annually to further his studies with his teachers. In 2006, he received Guruji’s blessing to teach.

After many years of practice and learning under Eddie Stern, and teaching at AYNY, Brett began teaching internationally, developing the Mysore program at AirYoga in Zürich (2007-2009), and leading programs in Sydney, Australia (2010-2012) and at Tri-Yoga Soho - London from 2012-2015. In 2015 he taught in Stockholm, Sweden at Yogayama.

Brett welcomes everyone to enjoy a nurturing, supportive and dynamic space to experience the treasure of Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

What Is Mysore?

In Mysore Class, the student is taught a sequence of postures through one-on-one instruction. The correct movements, breathing, and other aspects of the practice are learned gradually, in a step-by-step process accessible to anyone. This method allows each student time to practice and memorize what they have learned before adding more. Students are able to practice independently and at their own pace. Students also have flexibility in terms of time to practice as the students are welcome to come at anytime between 6-9am (Monday to Friday) and 6-8.30pm (Monday and Wednesday).

Your first Mysore practice may only be 20 to 45 minutes long. It is important not to learn too much in the beginning as this method relies on memorization and becoming proficient in what has been taught before progressing further. 

Ideally, practicing five to six days per week is recommended. If possible, your practice should be at the same time every day. 

Each week on Saturdays a Led class is taught at SoulBox in place of the regular Mysore style practice. Led class shows students the breathing during practice, when to inhale and when to exhale as we enter into and out of each posture. 

Some of the Benefits of a Mysore Practice:

  • You can show up when it suits you. You don’t need to worry about rushing from work or home to get to class on time anymore.
  • You can develop your meditation practice by following your own breath: Ashtanga is intended to be a moving meditation. 
  • You get individual attention. In any type of yoga, we come across poses or aspects of the practice that are difficult and challenging. In Mysore style you have the chance to work one-on-one with a trained teacher. Most people feel this individual attention helps their practice soar.
  • Mysore class is for everyone. With everyone in the room doing their own practice, in accordance with their levels and condition. 

Transform Yourself

Before after.jpg

Rio Pasaribu

(Male, 27 years old) Exercise: Reflex, Bootcamp, HIIT, MuayThai

In over a year , Rio succeded in reducing body fat into muscle mass. His posture has changed  to a more leaner physique without losing body weight.

He loves cardio class! “Soulbox has brought so many things in my life and has stepped up my level of discipline and commitment, I learnt that nothing good comes easy, but it’s worth it!

“Soulbox brings you many opportunities and develop new friendships.

Rio has reduced from 79,8 kilos into his ideal weight i.e 75 kilos

Lost body fat from 18,2 kg to 13,4 kg

Before after2.jpg


Housewive, Mother of 3, Age: 37
Exercise Reflex and MuayThai

Over a Year Ila has reduced her excess weight from her 3 previous pregnancies (lost the most difficult 5 kilos) she is now 50 kilos

She loves Muaythai so much and  practices in soulbox everyday on a regular day basis.

“I Am Healthier than I ever was in my life” 



She lost the most incredible 13 kilos during her workout and diet routine in soulbox

“ I have never been a petite girl” 

Bianca took our Soulbox 30 day challenge in September 2015 and took our private classes, she loves her new routine and trains in soulbox regularly to achieves her goals

 She also maintains her diet. but exclaims “well sometime I do cheat ” 

Dance at SOULBOX


Zumba is latin inspired dance fitness which basically have 4 basic steps , merengue, cumbia, salsa & reggaeton. Every single songs use that each basic steps. We do aspect fitness like squats, lunges, and the other of plyometric movement. 

The key to do zumba is, just enjoy it and have fun! Go with the flow by enjoying the songs. No need to worry about anything, just move and dance

We do zumba average in 1-1,5 hours. we guarantee, its full of sweat and fun. That's our ingredients in zumba class. Come join us & make a healthy lifestyle is your happiness



What is JAZZ FUNK style?? Here's a bit of Jazz Funk history for you. Nope, the dance style has nothing to do with the sub genre of jazz music. Nor does it have much to do with pirouettes or arabesques. This commercial dance style derives from Hip Hop.

So if you love pop music and all the sexy and cool moves by your favorite artists and songs.



Hip Hop Cardio is a fun dance cardio workout. Designed for those who are health enthusiast and want to workout in a fun environment. This class consist of a simple cardio moves combined with Hip Hop Dance and Music. You will burn minimum 500 calories for one hour. Students/Members will be able to follow basic Hip Hop moves from this class. Burn the fat and have fun !

All About Cardio

Most individuals performing cardio are using it as a way to burn off excess calories and since you are moving the body, it is going to increase the need for energy. Some forms are slightly better when strictly speaking of fat loss but all cardio, regardless of form will burn off calories. Since fat loss does depend on calories burned versus calories consumed it is a step in the right direction.

The reason to do cardio does not end with fat loss though; there are a wide variety of health benefits you receive from a regular cardio program.



The first one is an improved condition of your heart. Your heart is a muscle just like any other and in order for it to become strong it must be worked. If you fail to work it, it will weaken over time and this can cause a variety of negative health effects.

By getting the heart pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis you will keep it in shape and healthy. Too many people are getting winded just performing simple exercises such as walking up the stairs and the primary reason for this is because they are neglecting to work their heart muscle.


Another reason to perform cardio is for its effects on the metabolism. Along with speeding up your heart rate, cardiovascular exercise also increases the rate of various other processes in the body, also known as your metabolism.

Generally speaking, the more intense the cardio session, the more noticeable increase you will see with regards to your metabolic rate. Intense interval sprints (also known as HIIT) increase the metabolism; the highest with a process called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). An increased metabolism means an easier time maintaining your weight (or losing weight as the case may be).


Performing cardiovascular exercise also changes the hormonal profile in your body considerably. It releases 'feel good' hormones that will help ease symptoms of depression and fatigue as well as releasing hormones that decrease the appetite.

Individuals who partake in regular cardio exercise often have a much more positive outlook on life simply because they are getting the stress-relief benefits from these hormones.


Certain types of cardio exercise, usually lower, more moderately paced forms, can decrease your recovery time too. If you have just performed a hard session in the gym, hopping on the treadmill for a walk or light jog will help to remove some of the by-products that were created during the lifting session.

This will help to reduce your DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and help bring more oxygen rich blood to the muscle tissue improving in the repair and rebuilding process. To you, this translates to your being able to get back into the gym quicker and work the muscles again.

Building muscle mass is a combination of an overloading stimulus and sufficient rest to allow the muscle to heal itself. If you skew this balance either direction, either working out too much or providing too much rest in between, you aren't going to get optimal results.

The more frequently you are able to work a muscle though (assuming full recovery has been achieved) the faster you will add additional new muscle. Cardio helps you do this. Just don't take this too far as excess cardio or cardio done at such a high intensity that it places additional strain on the muscles is going to actually hinder recovery rather than aid it.


Lastly, for those who have diabetes, cardiovascular exercise helps them manage this condition. By performing the exercise you will increase your muscle's ability to utilize glucose. Those who exercise regularly tend to have better control of their blood sugars and do not see as many blood sugar swings as those who don't. For diabetes this is increasingly important as they are extremely sensitive to changes in blood sugar levels.


source : bodybuilding.com